Mami Tomoe 

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team Natsu’s funny facial expressions  (▰˘◡˘▰) 

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"Natsu.. Is magic good? Or is it evil? Good or evil.. I want magic that can stop these tears!"

"In the end, Eclair was smiling. It’ll be fine. Lucy.. We’re here for you!

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Levy McGarden in OVA 5

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"My only goal is Darkness.” -Sasuke Uchiha

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young Jellal Mystogan

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sage mode 仙人モード

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Once he'd said those words, the dam within him burst.

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Fic idea where a lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them.

Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1

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➴ Jerza Week - Day 1 - Passion




Naruto SD Ending. 4 "Icha Icha Chu Chu Kyappi Kyappi Love Love Suri Suri Doki Doki" by- Happy Birthday

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