"To think I even considered... That I didn't want this power...
But if it's a power that lets me protect the family I love... 
Then I'll gladly use it to become a demon or whatever else!"


Favorite female characters (1/?)

Mavis Vermillion

asano • keigo ( timeskip )

Happy Birthday Jean! || 7 April


More Levy x Lily friendship moments? Yes. Here you go.

great artists strive to become one with their art.


Does anyone else feel like a “filler friend”? Like you just sit there, never contributing to the conversation, and when you do, no one notices. You don’t really have a purpose or do anything and kinda just sit there existing. No one ever invites you ever or asks to do anything with you, and people even make group plans right in front of you and neglect your presence. It’s not that anyone means for this to happen it kinda just does?

                                                             and i’m l o n e l y; there, i said it
                       i’m lonely but it’s { hard to admit it }
           when everybody thinks that you’re fine all the time and you’re not

This world is rotten.
And who rotted along with it should die.


Yeah… still good.
Trio [1/1] → Shiganshina Trio 


~Nostalgia Mix~
1. Wind - Akeboshi
3. Cruel Angel's Thesis - Yoko Takahashi
4. Asterisk - Orange Range
5. Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru
6. 真実の詩 - Do As Infinity
7. 真夜中のオーケストラ - Aqua Timez
8. Secret Base - Ai Kayano
9. Blue Bird - Ikimongakari
10. Shunkan Sentimental - SCANDAL
11. Rain - SID
12. Paper Moon - Tommy Heavenly6
13. CORE PRIDE - UVERworld
14. Funny Bunny - The Pillows
15. Houki Boshi - Younha
16. Haruka Kanata - ASIAN KUNG-FU Generation
17. Sanctuary (Ending) - Utada Hikaru

We will defeat you together!